A Website For A Teacher Needs Quality Design & Customization

There are options for building your own teacher website, for purchasing a template site for around $40, or for using free services to quickly get a blog or website up. While all possible, the rate of failure of these sites is incredibly high. The amount of dead teacher websites out there is staggering, and a huge waste of time and effort that if focused on the right areas could have created a lasting web presence. But the reasons are all well known and avoidable.

Building Your OWn Teacher Website

If you have a background in programming or design this is possible. Or if you have the time to spend about 10-15 hours per week for a few months. A website is a large endeavor with an unbelievable amount of moving parts and to really put it all together you need skills that take years to develop.

Using Teacher Website Templates To Build Your Site


There is a huge difference in the two sites below. It can be compared to walking into a run-down deli, dark and dusty, to walking into a well organized, nicely decorated one with a smiling face greeting you.