Learn how we can help your school put its teachers on a pedestal.


You’ve Got The Talent: Let Them Shine For You

Your greatest asset, perhaps your only real asset, is often a nameless and unknown entity. Your teachers. Consider the effect of having all your teachers be given an online presence, branded to your school and displaying all their skills, achievements, and personality. This is what students and parents want to see, this is how they make their school decision.

What You Are To Students

A school. A school is a place where teachers teach. Those teachers are the selling point. The Sun that shines through the windows and tells the prospective students or parents how amazing you are.

 What You Could Look Like To Students

An portfolio of great teachers. What they can do. Their passions and skills. Their presence. Students care about the teachers. They want to see them, to get an idea of their techniques, their hobbies, even a bit about their personality. Their achievements are your school’s achievements and by giving each of them and online micro-site, branched from your main site…

Instead of a general description of your teachers, their quality and experience, you’ve got a website for each of them that connects right to your school. And you have complete control over how it looks, what information it includes and how to effectively direct students to enroll. The options ten become unlimited.

    • Teachers can create their own pages for their classes
    • Teachers can create pages for projects
    • Individual students can be given access to their grades, reports, assessments online
    • Parents can have immediate updates and information on what’s happening in the class

Our pricing is simple and without any hidden fees. We know if we succeed in building great websites for your teachers then you succeed.

Price per Site:


We want to have your teachers each with an individual, clear, and beautiful site that refelcts your schools brand and is totally connected to your values and school image. This is enough to make your school stand out amongst your competitors.

Then and only then, if you want to provide add-ons to increase interactivity with students and parents we proceed to Phase 2.

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