Affordable Teacher and Tutor Website Templates

While we design sites from the ground up, delivering comprehensive solutions for large scale teaching websites, there’s a new service that is for the economically minded teachers. designs websites for teachers and does it at warp speed. The steps on their site explain how the process works and from the templates on their homepage these teacher and tutor websites are of a very high quality and have a surprising range of functionality. For the teacher that needs an online presence, and you know how much I feel all private teachers need this, this would seem like the perfect way to get a great website fast.

And what’s cool about these sites is that they come populated with pages that most teachers need, such as sample lesson plans, handouts and worksheets, about me, teaching location, maps, contact forms, and teaching schedules. So a teacher or tutor would only need to adjust the text and add some images. The websites would pretty much land in their laps totally formed. And as they also are using WordPress as their content management solution adding pages is a breeze, so adding new content potentially takes just a few minutes.

The tutoring industry, for a variety of reasons, is exploding, and private tutors have never had more opportunity than they do now. Private tutoring is now ¬†4 billion/year industry and the big players really can’t beat out a local teacher that has a good looking site and integrates it well with local search and their social networking. And when a website is priced as low as the ¬†SwikeeSites websites, it really is easy for private tutors to have students knocking down their doors.

Looking forward to hearing more from the SwikeeSites teacher and private tutor websites but it appears they are filling a niche that larger companies gloss over with outdated templates and non-optimized designs. But they’re a definitely a great option for all those private teachers that are not yet online and want a pain-free way to get a website and an online presence fast.

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